Edit or Credit

I was sent a page of the local paper the other day by a proud client who had managed to secure some great PR space at the top of the page.  She sent it to me busting with pride at how fab it looked due to the photograph which was displayed in the centre of the article.  I was made up for her – a good piece of journalism had told her story well, illustrated by a beautiful professional photograph, styled and presented to grab attention.    However, there was one problem..

The photograph had not been credited to the photographer which suggested to the reader that the image was owned by the publication.  Instead of reporting the image misuse and causing a fine, I called the editor, Chris Dixon, and spoke to him just to ask why it hadn’t been credited.  He apologised and said it must have been an error on his part.  I told him that I just needed to get a small licence fee which would settle things and he said he would get back to me straight away.  He didn’t, for 2 days, so rather than call him, wasting more of his time, I sent an invoice referring to the conversation for £35 to cover the print licence.  This was the response:

“If you have an agreement with your client that there is a charge per publication, it is not something we have been made aware of.. We take pictures from Professional Photographers such as yourself every day but rarely pay any more..”

It seems he has completely missed the point..