New Album release!

The team at Ashton Lane are so excited this week, after the release of the new album!  Having listened it’s clear there is a sure and more raw format to this album in comparison to the last and I love it.  Their country pop sound is just beautiful, and Lead singer, Esther has the voice […]

Edit or Credit

I was sent a page of the local paper the other day by a proud client who had managed to secure some great PR space at the top of the page.  She sent it to me busting with pride at how fab it looked due to the photograph which was displayed in the centre of […]

Food, Glorious food..

NW Headshots has been busy photographing food, among the lineup this week, and it got dark, rich and rustic this week with Salt and Pepper.  Check out the gallery of food to find out what weve been up to.

Listen up!

Both Spotify and iTunes are now sporting the album cover artwork for Stuart Brayson’s “One Throw of the Dice” album – now on Sale!  NWH is proud to be associated with such talent and we are delighted that this shoot went slightly off plan!

Separating the wheat..

Su Craddock was the talent on the other end of the lens earlier when she got to work baking a cake – By the time we were done with the shoot, she cake was in the oven! Amazing – this gluten free baker and entrepreneur, really knows how to seperate the wheat as her kitchen […]

Praise in writing?

Im blogging this really to show my appreciation to Whitehead and Howarth for their letter of thanks, not only because they went to the trouble of having it typed and producing a hard copy!  (Something I rarely see in my e-world..)  Thanks guys!

Coach Trip

Business and Personal Coach, Wayne Howard inspires performance through the use of mindset strategies in his company Inspiring Excellence.  His success rate with sports people is astounding, allowing them to overcome hurdles that get in in their way of performance.  Worth speaking to!  This header was shot for his new column in a Golfing Magazine […]

Shooting for the stars

What an incredible day – and with an incredible team.. Collaboration is the key to a great shoot, and with Stuart Brayson, things dont happen in halves..  MakeupArtistsLondon attended and did one of the most beautiful makeup jobs I’ve seen yet – a strict brief, 1912 style – period.  Models, Steph Hallam and Johnny Escobar […]

Romelu talks to David Fearnhead

I accompanied David Fearnhead to his interview with Footballer, Romelu Lukaku today where he talked about his love for Everton and his ambitions in the beautiful game.  He presented himself gracefully and talked openly about his family, emotions and passion for his sport.  Romelu made my job eaisier as he is quite an animated talker […]

Stuart Brayson – From Here To the studio

The wonderful talent of Stuart Grayson visited the North West this morning as we embarked on a session which was to achieve a number of possibilities for his forthcoming press and cover plans.   An Album cover shot was first on the list, followed by Press Release material, Features images, Website images and photographs for […]